Security Breaching Risks for All Hacker Attack Victims

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What are the risks?

Cases involving hackers will forever be increasing. Recent posts by the Department of Health and Human Services’s Office for Civil Rights have tallied up increasing posts hacker victims up to an astounding 8 million people. There were also quite a few major hacker incidents that were the case of this increase. Excessive amount of money were lost out by several Healthcare companies this yeas, targeted out by hackers. Hacking incidents are the result for weak security, which are common blunders for companies all around.



The hacking cases that had been recently recorded by the Department were subjected to these 4 healthcare companies: Banner Health with a high increase of 3.6 million people and Newkirk Products came in second with an affected 3.5 million people. Both these companies lost high amounts of healthcare data. Other healthcare companies that were badly affected were from Anesthesiology and Pain Consultants with 883,000 thousand of their patients while Prosthetic and Othrotic Care  had 24,000 thousand. All of these companies have lost authentic patient information and credit card payment details to hackers. Furthermore, this matter could call for further lawsuits from their patients.


Potential solutions

Healthcare organized companies are more prone to losing their cyber security based on lacking amount of risk reduction processes. This might be because healthcare companies fail to prioritize on requesting for multiple resources as backup. Resources such as hiring more qualified people and keeping in the loop of relevant technologies are contributing factors towards maintaining a healthy risk-reducing system as it was previously mentioned. An immediate and equipped change needs to be done so companies can avoid having their files shared via the accessible use of the Internet. Healthcare companies shouldn’t need to be confined to just playing it “safe”. By securing probable ways for tracking targeted hackers, healthcare companies should allow other advancing technologies to come into play and help out.



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