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In May, we attended RFID Journal LIVE! 2016 located in Orlando, Florida. While we were there, we interviewed manufacturers, solutions providers, and industry speakers in hopes of learning more about the new products and applications currently emerging in the RFID industry. In this interview, we spoke with Lauri Hyytinen, Global Director Automotive, Industry, & Logistics, SMARTRAC.

SMARTRAC Sensor DogBone

The SMARTRAC booth was constantly busy at the conference, mostly due to the unveiling of their new sensor solutions. The company’s success in the sensor RFID market started in early 2015 with the release of the Sensor DogBone. The Sensor DogBone outfitted with RFMicron’s Magnus S3 IC is able to detect moisture levels in the surrounding environment. The ability to integrate this breakthrough technology into RFID solutions is extremely impressive in applications like supply chain, healthcare, construction, and automotive. The tag is comprised of three main elements: the antenna, integrated chip (IC), and the temperature sensor built into the IC. This tag has the same great DogBone attributes including the same dimensions, memory allocation, and applicable surface materials. When used in conjunction with the Nordic ID Morphic RFID Reader, this tag can read up to 2.5 meters in ideal conditions and transmit the moisture sensing information wirelessly to the reader.

SMARTRAC Sensor Patch

The Sensor Patch was built with a specific RFID application in mind: long-term care facilities. The healthcare industry, more specifically geriatric sectors, saw the need for a sensor RFID tag to monitor patient diapers. The tag is placed on the outside of a patient’s diaper or in between the layers of the diaper to sense moisture levels in the environment. The tag then sends coded moisture data back to the reader which deciphers the code, and displays the moisture level on the screen.
The Sensor Patch has a wider range of sensitivity than the Sensor Dogbone, which enables it to detect moisture in a larger area such as certain areas outside the diaper as well. Just like a diaper, the Sensor Patch is disposable. Because this tag and technology is such a revolution in the RFID industry, new applications are emerging steadily and the tag can be tuned to outfit new environments to satisfy the growing demand.

SMARTRAC Sensor Tadpole

The Sensor Tadpole is another tag that was built with something specific in mind: the automotive industry. In the automotive manufacturing process, cars undergo multiple quality tests which they must pass in order to be sold. One of the tests, the shower test, measures water ingress to ensure that each car is water-tight. Previously, this was a manual process that involved searching for water throughout the car to guarantee it passed the quality test. If a car did have water inside, the facility was not able to detect if the water leak was contained within a specific area or was widespread without manually looking for the water throughout the car. With the addition of Sensor Tadpole tags throughout the car, the facility is able to detect moisture and alert the facility when and where moisture exists. The Sensor Tadpole also comes with a long tail that soaks up water from different areas and directs it to the tag for it to be measured. Using these tags removes hours of manual searching as well as additional lengthy area searches if moisture is detected.

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