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Multi technology contactless card is an ideal solution for customers looking to support multi technology with a single card or migrate from an existing card technology to a more secure solution. It provides high frequency (HF)/low frequency (LF). Within a single card, multiple chips of different frequency can be contained and it is known as the modern application. While maintaining the minimal chip and antenna blemish, RF signals will not interfere with one another.

For any conceivable combination of two or three chips in a single card, CARDCore excels in engineering bespoke solutions. The common hybrid card combinations that CARDCore supplies include, Low Frequency + High Frequency, are common dual frequency cards. On the outer layer of the card, a High Frequency antenna is laminated with a thick coil. The Low Frequency antenna contained within.

Often replaced by higher security HF implementations are Legacy LF systems like HID prox that still require usage of the original LF chip while all sites convert to the newer HF standard.

CARDCore’s common HF + LF dual frequency cards include:

Mifare + EM4200, Mifare + TK4100, Desfire + EM4200, Desfire + TK4100, Mifare + T5577, Desfire + T5577, Mifare + Hitag, Desfire + Hitag

The cards that are becoming popular in payment schemes and loyalty are High Frequency (HF) + Ultra High Frequency (UHF). To ensure that there is no interference, UHF chip is placed separately above or on the sides of the HF chip.

The dual frequency cards offered by CARDCore for HF + UHF include:

Mifare + Alien Higgs 3, Desfire + Alien Higgs 3, Mifare + Monza 4D, Desfire + Monza 4D, Mifare + Monza 4QT, Desfire + Monza 4QT, Mifare + Ucode 7, Desfire + Ucode 7

Cards that are used in specialized situations are such as Low Frequency (LF) + Ultra High Frequency (UHF). It is where simple access control is needed along with personal tracking. It is accomplished with the LF antenna running above or beside the UHF antenna.

The cards offered by CARDCore for common LF + UHF dual frequency include:

EM4200 + Alien Higgs 3, TK4100 + Alien Higgs 3, EM4200 + Monza 4QT, TK4100 + Monza 4QT, T5577 + Alien Higgs 3, T5577 + Monza 4QT


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