eBay VS Amazon: The Battle For Top Market Position

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Shall we call it the latest battle for our hearts and minds as Amazon and eBay have it hand in hand with their products. From the looks of it eBay has been sharpening its focus.

On the 19th of September, in the past years, eBay has been battling it up to make it on the top with Amazon.

 “The world doesn’t have to choose between Amazon or eBay,” the CEO said. “The world can comfortably have Amazon and eBay — and it will.”

During a presentation at a recent gathering in Las Vegas, Devin Wenig said that he seeks to grab 100million new shoppers. eBay wants to carve out a presence in emerging markets, including Turkey.They also aim to gain attention by reaching out to various social media platforms like Facebook to attract consumers.

Wenig had a bumpy initial ride within tech when he first began with eBay. For an instance, in 2014, a hacking scandal happened with a data breach that hit consumers. After that, was an online hindrance—Goggle’s algorithms changed the ranking of eBay and its standing. The ranking slipped.

The auction platform that eBay has is just a small part of business. With good bargains on electronics and other items, eBay is now carving its niche with eCommerce. They are making an interest to boost web traffic across the site.

eBay is looking to compete with Amazon on the shopping experience, rather than the speed of delivery

Searches and demand are concerned as far as inventory. With Expertmaket being brought in by eBay, it would help pinpoint items and the desired pricing. Also, the virtual reality will also be a great complement for eBay’s shopping experience.

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