Keeping your credit and debit cards safe

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Just recently, 22News streamed two men purchasing several items at local Home Depots with a stolen credit card. The department shared pictures of the men on social media. Both men have been identified but however the men’s names have not been released, and no information was immediately made public about possible arrests.

After the pictures posted up on social media, they were soon captured due to using the stolen credit card to make purchases at the local Home Depot.

Common ways your information can get stolen is through hacks, data breaches or leaving your wallets behind at a common place. According to The Federal Trade Commission, the charges are depending on the type of card and how quickly the loss of the card is reported. The faster the report is made, the sooner the thief can be stopped and identified.

A reminder, never write your PIN and keep it in your wallet, that easily gives access to frauds.

Here are few steps you can take to at least cut down on your risk

 3 Best Ways For You To Protect Your Credit And Debit Cards

Opt for signature over PIN transactions

It’s riskier to key in the PIN number because it allows for frauds to misuse the PIN code. With the code being presented also gives frauds the option of creating a fake debit card and hitting the ATM to take out your money

Monitoring your statements

It’s always best to keep an eye on your statements to monitor for any unfamiliar activity.

Use better passwords

The common problem is most people use passwords that are easily identifiable such as “123456”, “password” or the six initial alphabets on the keypad “qwerty”. It is always best to include alphabets, numbers and punctuation as a password.



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