Smart NID cards for all voters starting from October

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Replacing the existing laminated cards, 50 lakh voters in the capital are going to receive smart national identity (NID). All necessary preparations have already been completed by the Election Commission (EC) to start distributing the cards on the 2nd of October. Prime minister, Sheikh Hasina will do the honors in starting the programme.

In the first phase, smart cards will be given to the voters in Dhaka city and Rowmari upazila of Kurigram district. In due course, the voters across the country will get the cards.

Director General of National Identity Registration Wing of the Election Commission Brig Gen Sultanuzzaman Md Salahuddin stated that prints of 10 fingers and photographs of pupil of the voters will be taken during the distribution of the smart cards and the smart cards are ready to be distributed.

Printing of The Smart Cards

10 machines were imported from USA and the printing of the smart cards is now taking place. In an hour, each machine can produce approximately 950 cards.

Fingerprints and photographs of the pupil have been sent to 10 election offices. To provide smart cards from 93 wards of Dhaka South City Corporation and Dhaka North City Corporation, 75makeshift camps will be set up to help distribute these smart cards to the wards. Approximately two lakh cards will be distributed a day from the camps.

To get the new smart NID cards, the voters have to return their laminated NID cards. The Commission is looking into providing smart cards for other voters across the country. Each smart card cost US$ 2. The smart card has 10 years validity.

According to the EC’s Identification System for Enhancing Access to Services project, the smart cards will be distributed for free. However, there will be service charges to avail of services in the case of renewal, damage and loss of cards.


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