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Silone Cardtech Co. Ltd

In 1993, Silone Cardtech Co. Ltd was established in San Jose California, a large city surrounded by rolling hills in Silicon Valley, a major technology hub in California’s Bay Area. Silone Cardtech focuses on the card industry and has over 500 workers working in San Jose, Hong Kong, Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen and Tangxia. The largest supplier for NBS card personalization equipment today is China.

Silone Cardtech has customers from various industries such as preeminent banks and governments and from other card manufacturers.

25 Years of Experience in Sourcing and Manufacturing

Manufacturing a Full Line of Smart Card and RF related products

From approval, printing, key management, data handling, personalization, and secure shipping worldwide, Silone Cardtech has it all! With Silone Cardtech, your product security is assured with extensive physical and data security measures including access control, perimeter protection systems, 24/7 CCTV recording, audited production, multiple network firewalls, and strict procedures for data handling.

Silone has delivered more than 500 million RF inlays for contactless and dual interface cards and tags

Silone Cardtech offers a comprehensive line of RF based products, from RF wristbands, ABS injection-molded tags, tokens and thin cards, to tailor made specialized orders.

Silone, Investing in the Best Printing Technology

Investing in the best printing technology is essential in order to attract talents and meet the needs of leading banks, international retailers and governments who are looking for the latest security printing technology.

The Types of Printing Provided by Silone

Silone uses a vast range of inks from leading suppliers around the world. Silone provides three types of printing; Lithographic Offset Printing, Prepress and Silkscreen Printing. Silone Cardtech uses the market leading Heidelberg XL75 Speed Master which is made in Germany. The XL75 achieves consistent results at print speeds of 18,000 sheets per hour in an eco-friendly CO2 neutral press. For fast and accurate printing results, Silone uses Prepress, it is equipped with the latest proofing and Grafmac 4300 Computer to Plate systems. However, for classic pearlescent coatings, deep Pantone colors, OVI security ink, rich metallic golds and silvers, Silkscreen printing is a way to go!

Below are some of the products available at Silone Cardtech Co. Ltd:

  • Banking Cards
  • Smart Cards
  • RF Cards
  • Dual Interface
  • Operating Systems
  • Modules
  • Epoxy Cards & Fobs
  • Smart Wristbands
  • RF Tokens

To maintain its quality in manufacturing, Silicone Cardtech undergoes 3 annual reviews of corporate structure and stability, physical security, data security, production capability and quality assurance to attain certificates from Visa, MasterCard and UnionPay

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