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Cardel Limited is a manufacturing company that specializes in the production and supply of a wide range of products used in the card manufacturing and card personalization industry. Based between Cambridge and London, the company was founded in 1996 and today the company has grown to having more than 50 employees with customers in over 55 countries around the world.
With 20 years of experience in the industry, Cardel Limited’s products are used in the production of more than 5 billion plastic cards annually. The company’s products are manufactured from in-house facilities by skilled engineers, designers, and production technicians. Being a leading expert in the card industry, Cardel products are used by manufacturers of all sizes ranging from global producers to smaller local providers.

Cardel focuses on continual innovation and technical development of its products to ensure that its market leading performance of such products is maintained.

Cardel offers products for both Card Manufacturing and Bureau personalization with its industry recognized brands and solutions. These include but are not limited to: –

• Hi-Bond range – Chip Adhesives for the embedding of chips into all forms of smart cards
Cardel Plates – High quality Gloss & Silk / Matt plates for card manufacturing
• Cardlam Pads – Lamination Pads for all forms of Lamination equipment
Cardel Prelaid – Magnetic stripes precision applied to clear overlay material
• Cardmate – Adhesive labels for all forms of Card personalization / attaching machines
CardelPIN – Pin mailers for laser printing of PIN’s


Chip Adhesives (Hi-Bond)
A unique range of film adhesives that have been specifically designed for embedding chips in smart cards. Over 4 billion smart cards produced each year use these adhesives.
The adhesives are formulated to perform reliably and consistently in production across all plastic and chip tape types to ensure that card manufacturers meet ISO / CQM / PCI standards at all times.
Product lines are tailored to market applications and new products are developed to support new materials as they are adopted by manufacturers

Lamination plates (Cardel Plates)
Cardel offers the widest range of surface finish for lamination plates available in the market
The plates are produced using state of the art equipment to ensure that the plate finish is controlled exactly to the customer requirements not just within each order, but also across multiple orders.

The product range includes finish from Ultra high gloss finish to Ultra matt. Tailored finishes to specific roughness level requirements are available on request.

Ultragloss 1: High gloss. Produced to customer dimensions and supplied plain or with matt borders / centers to control sheet edge squareness.
Ultragloss 2: Medium gloss. Less sensitive to scratches with improved life cycle. Produced to customer dimensions and supplied plain or with matt borders / centers to control sheet edge squareness.
ISO: Produced to a level of Matt finish consistent with ISO standards for card roughness in the mag stripe area. Frequently used by manufacturers making cards for banking applications.
Ultrasilk DS: Surface finish tailored for manufacturers wishing to optimize the level of surface roughness versus the ability to print on the card using Thermal Print / Dye sublimation
Ultramatt: Medium matt and high matt. Typically used by manufacturers for the production of rougher surface cards for loyalty / gift applications and by manufacturers of RFID Pre-lams

Lamination Pads (Cardlam)

Cardel offers a range of pads for card laminators which can be used in all lamination machine types supplied by all machine manufacturers (Twin stack, Single stack, Manual load etc.)

The pad range supplied by Cardel is designed to ensure that during lamination the heat transfer rate and the pressure distribution is balanced and consistent within the cartridge and within the lamination stack. This ensures that card manufacturers achieve the highest possible yield, reduces waste and improves efficiency by reducing cycle time.

Cardlam 200: Synthetic fiber outer and high-density heat resistant rubber inner. Suitable for all types of medium / single and twin stack laminators. Performs best at temperatures up to a maximum of 200 degrees
Cardlam 220: High efficiency, low profile conductive polymer around a structural fabric inner. Suitable for single or twin stack laminators. Particularly suited to high capacity high speed laminators with high numbers of daylights. Performs to 220 degrees
Cardlam 230: Metallic woven, high temperature pad. Rapid heat transfer and high heat endurance to 230 degrees. Recommended for Polycarbonate lamination due to the robust construction of the pad and for some single stack laminators.

Magnetic Strip Overlay (Cardel Prelaid)
Cardel performs high precision application of magnetic stripes to overlay material.
A range of coated and uncoated PVC overlays and magnetic stripes are used to support manufacturers requirements for banking, Loyalty, Gift, ID and all other card types that require magnetic stripes.
Cardel Prelaid is supplied to customer specification for reel / sheet length, width, thickness, coated / uncoated, PVC type, Magnetic tape type, width, coercivity, colour, position, separation etc.
The combination of client requirements run into 100’s of variations and Cardel controls each customers’ unique requirements in a precision manner operating to tolerances of +/- 0.2mm for tape positions.

Card attaching labels (Cardmate)

Cardel supplies labels and adhesives for the adherence of the card to the letter on which it is delivered.
The Cardmate range incorporates labels / adhesives used by all match / attach machinery types including but not limited to: –
• Datacard (9000, MX 6000, 6100)
• Kunnecke
• Bowe
• Matica
• Muhlbauer
The Cardmate range is formulated to ensure that it is consistently identical in performance reel to reel, order to order thereby ensuring that its card Bureau customers achieve minimum stoppages due to attaching label dispensing / card application.

The adhesives are formulated to ensure that when the card is removed from the carrier, no witness mark from the adhesive is present on the card and that the attaching label remains fixed to the carrier letter.

PIN Mailers (CardelPIN)

Cardel supplies a range of plain or pre-printed high security PIN mailer solutions designed for use by its customers in the printing and distribution of PIN mailers.

Typically supplied in A4 / A3 format, the PIN material is APACs certified.

Cardel supplies a security printing Font under a Font license and undergoes proof printing and testing prior to initial ordering to ensure that customers are confident that when produced the PIN document will be secure and invisible to anyone other than the end customer who exposes the PIN data.

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