Greencorp Pty Ltd, One of The Oldest Established Companies in The Industry

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Greencorp offers the widest range of magnetic stripe products in the industry and is one of the most respected in the world. Founded in 1971, Greencorp is based in Matraville, New South Wales and has around 60 employees with an annual revenue of $13 million. With 40 years of experience in manufacturing magnetic stripes for the card and ticket industry, Greencorp has broken many records in being one of the oldest established companies in the industry.

In the early years, Greencorp mainly supplied tape to audio cassette makers. But with the introduction of CDs, the company moved to magnetic stripe material production for data storage applications. To stay ahead in the industry and deliver high quality products, Greencorp uses manufacturing facilities that enable the company to control all stages of production.

Research and development are continuous and aims to improve the products’ standards and venture into new grounds such as nano-particles and specialized inks. Greencorp uses the best technology available in its manufacturing with complete magnetic dispersion and characterization capability.

Cards and Tickets

Greencorp supplies cards of various sizes for PVC, PET, and paper applications.

Signature Panels

The signature panel foils are designed to accept all ink types and is available in white or clear panel design. The panels are designed for continuous transfer to polyester or PVC, Hot Stamp or Roll-On.

Product Rationalization

Magfast is developed to maximize the speed of tape layering. It also creates new protection coat that reduces the complexity between the ranges of paper and plastic products. Customers can now stock one product for use on paper, PVC, and Styrene. Greencorp has added a more durable and heat resistant protective layer to its products.

Other products available include:

  • Digital printing inks
  • Two colour stripes
  • Roll on products
  • Plastic film bank books
  • Slit widths

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