Matica Technology Gains Diversity In Its Offerings To Multiple Industries

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Matica Technology is a world renowned provider of card solutions and production equipment based in Germany with offices in Italy, France, Singapore, China, US, UAE, and India. With a large workforce of 200 employees, Matica is supported by a global network of resellers. The company offers personalization and mailing solutions for financial cards, ID cards, Nano SIM, and micro SIM cards. The company has an extensive product catalog that includes card printers, issuance systems, and special applications.

Matica was established in 1992, known then as Matica System and was a manufacturer of metal plate embossers. Throughout the years, Matica has grown extensively and incorporates the latest technology to gain diversity in its offerings to cater to multiple industry demands. Matica’s products are used in the financial, government, healthcare, education, telecommunication, and retail sectors due to the company’s reliable products and distribution.

The company provides assistance for customers or resellers to select the right technology for card production and personalization by understanding customers’ needs and requirements.  Products are recommended with consideration to the technology used, card production capacity, budget requirements, future development needs and recommended markets.


The Finest Technology

Metica Technology offers modern equipment with the best functions and options including:

Printing technology: Direct-to-Card, Retransfer, Laser, Embossing, Indent, Inkjet.

Card production: Single-sided, Dual-sided, Mag-stripe, Chip encoding, Contactless encoding, UV

Resolution and color capability: 300dpi, 600dpi, 1200dpi, 4800dpi in color, monochrome

Connectivity: USB, Ethernet

Additional Build in and Connectivity Options: Wi-Fi, Dual-sided and lamination, Extra-feeder


Market Application

Matica Technologies solutions are used in many industries, letting businesses manage their own card production and issuance. Some applications in various sectors include:


  • National ID
  • Driver License
  • Vehicle Registration Cards
  • Passport / Visa
  • Voters Registration Cards


  • Health Care Cards
  • Patient ID
  • Hospital Visitor ID
  • Insurance Cards


  • Loyalty Cards
  • Gift Cards


  • Credit & Debit Cards
  • Pre-Paid Cards


  • Access Control
  • Staff ID
  • Visitor Identification



Image Credit: Matica Technologies

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