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When people receive an identity or credit card, or have been given a gift or loyalty card. The probabilities are that they have utilized an ABnote product. If you have encountered with a financial establishment, or have utilized your smart phone device to create a payment. You have then been using an ABnote service.

The continuation of ABnote’s proud legacy

Over 200 years of manufacturing top-quality, tamper-resistant products to government sources, financial establishments, retailers and other associations all over the globe. Currently, ABnote’s goods and technology expertise incorporate multiple markets, keeping up to date with today’s varying environments for fitting and safe transactions.

Succeeding businesses in finance, marketing, hospitality, transit, education and other market platforms, as well as governmental groups all over the world utilize ABnote products to proceed with their customers’ requests. ABnote holds a measurable status for supplying secure information records, delicate data material and cutting-edge solutions.

ABnote’s vision is to become the ultimate worldwide supplier for protected information and solutions    

ABnote’s main focus is to shape build inventiveness value via:

  • Implementing great execution methods and services to attain customer satisfaction.
  • Adopting a fulfilling and driven work place that inspires individual and expert development.
  • Growing investor value and cost-effectively increasing the company’s invention, top notch products and efficient solutions.
  • Forming and strengthening important partnerships with expert suppliers of ABnote.
  • Conducting competent business operations in a respectable working style.


Below are some of the products available at ABnote:

Gift and Loyalty Cards (Card Attributes)

ABnote holds a legacy for manufacturing loyalty cards and was one of the earliest promotional plastic product creators throughout the global spectrum. Their unfailing practice of modernization has continued, with several rights for card formations and surfaces. ABnote has garnered the ability to produce over 1 billion cards each year, placing ABnote on a more recognizable spectrum in North America.

Payment Solutions

In the 18th century, ABnote was the first company to print currency for the U.S. From a vast range of goods and services being utilized today for financial business, ABnote is the most reliable source for accommodating various customer financial requests.  ABnote can offers protected printing and personalization, and instructing solutions for credit and debit cards. From contactless cards, EMV cards, magnetic stripe cards, and other smartcards. ABnote’s North American workplace lights probable ideals for protected developments and manufacture, and creates debit and credit cards for various global payment technologies like American Express, Discover, MasterCard and Visa.

Smart Cards (Contactless Cards)

ABnote is at the competitive front of the smart card industry as they implement an eased level of security. Whether it’s controlling admission, enabling financial transactions, or authenticating identification, ABnote offers quick and effective smartcard solutions that will fit well to your present and future requests. The vast range of smart card products offered at ABnote are as follows:

  • Contactless dual interface EMV cards for assuring top security applications with a combination of functional structures (Java, MultOS and Native)
  • Utilization of contactless cards for regulating access, transportation transfers and payment.
  • Considerable volume to create more than 100 million smart cards each year.

Protected Documents

ABnote continues to provide good-quality secure technologies such as the nanotechnology, ultra-covert markers, distinct inks, and watermarked based paper along with an assortment of other concealed and obvious additions. ABnote understands that critical documents need to be protected by all means, but at the same time it needs to look just as impressive as it is important. To additionally enhance the safekeeping of critical documents, the technology of the RFID smart chip can be implanted into the document for increased resistance. The methods for securing relevant and critical documents can also be applied to passport solutions.

Identification Solutions

ABnote continues to be a reliable producer of crucial identification cards and information records for several worldwide businesses and associations. ABnote has the prominent security structures and a well-rounded skill to accomplish your customer identification requirements. ABnote’s range of identification products cards and services involve paper and plastic based papers such as drivers’ licenses, e-passports, ID cards, and access cards to facilitated spaces.

Instant Issue Cards

Customers are not so forth towards waiting for ten days to collect a new access card, financial card, and identification card. By utilizing ABnote’s instant issuance solution, connected via their custom card structure. Customers are able to deliver cutting-edge secure cards as a separate provision. ABnote’s aids to provide:

  • An assortment of top notch two-sided color card printers, all containing a slight mark to help accommodate your environment surroundings.
  • Decide on whether you would like to customize EMV cards or magnetic stripe cards, containing the options to care for both of these cards from a sole device.
  • A vast range of personalized templates
  • Configured network systems such as PIN devices
  • Smooth incorporation of other distinct treatment modules

Mobile Device Solutions

The impact of NFC and its bearing influence on smart phones is ever-changing. ABnote serves as the leader of NFC and mobile solutions across cloud-based services. They serve to provide the increasing need of multiple markets with provided technology solutions and reliable partnerships. ABnote’s team of team of mobile experts are well driven and highly motivated to work with leading mobile device producers, chip suppliers and mobile system specialists to formulate an open system for financial, marketing purposes.

Meeting Individual Requirements

Customization is the core component of protected documents and solution and ABnote offers diverse selections for plastic cards and written documents to their cloud-based platform, known as the Trusted Service Manager (TSM). Abnote’s customization department has been accredited by Visa and MasterCard.

Services and Solutions

An assortment of core services can additionally provide more substance for ABnote’s customers. Their services include:

  • Customized Distribution Programs
  • Steady Mobile Development Plans
  • Cutting-edge Design Techniques
  • Exclusive Stamp Distributors



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