SMARTRAC The Leading Developer And Supplier Of Data Carrier

In Hardware

SMARTRAC TECHNOLOGY GmbH is a subsidiary of SMARTRAC N.V., specializing in flip-chip assembly, wafer processing, micro-packaging, and antenna and inlay design. SMARTRAC TECHNOLOGY GmbH is based in Dresden and focuses on RFID inlays and PRELAM products for the card industry. High-security products are also developed for government identification documents.

SMARTRAC N.V. was founded in 2000 and headquartered in Amsterdam. The company is now a leading developer and supplier of data carrier, RFID and NFC components and has more than 3,600 employees to maintain its research and development, production, and sales network.

With the resources and workforce at hand, SMARTRAC has produced around 1,000 patents and patent applications for technology, equipment, and component production. The company offers ready-made and customized products for many applications including access control, electronics and gaming, transportation, retail, payment, and animal identification.

Inlays & Tags

SMARTRAC offers inlays and tags that are durable and available in many frequency standards. The products are designed to fit multiple market segments.

White Cards

SMARTRAC produces card components in contactless and dual interface designs for various frequency including LF, HF, and UHF. The company offers ready-made and customize solutions of pre-laminated and semi-finished components. All products are ensured of their reliability, durability, and mechanical robustness to cater to different applications and market segments.


EXPERIENCES is a solution by SMARTRAC that allows offline physical products to have a digital connection through the use of Near Field Communication (NFC) transponders. These transponders will be embedded into the products and will the connect to NFC enabled mobile devices. To further enforce this network ecosystem is the use of web-based content and analytic engines based on an Internet of Things platform.

With a digital connection ability, products gain more value and customers are able to obtain direct content from the products themselves using their mobile devices. Products can now deliver content such as social media, video content, news, and play-lists.

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