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YBL has been producing cards since 1988 at Paju city. YBL produces credit cards, membership cards, prepaid phone cards, hospital cards, ID cards, specialty cards, PLA cards and more! The factory in Paju city has mastered its card security standards.

Just from being a vendor that had a vast selection of M/S cards, dual interface combi-cards and smart cards under the ISO 9001 quality management system certificate, they have achieved a quality certificate for financial IC cards that they have obtained from The Korea Financial Telecommunications and Clear Institutes.

YBL an Eco Friendly Business

As we know, it takes years to decompose plastics. This causes contamination to the environment. With that in mind, YBL made it a point to produce products with biodegradable materials.

ECO Friendly Cards

Made from biodegradable acids, these cards are approved by the KFDA, the FDA and Japanese and Europe government agencies for being harmless to the environment.

Other products of YBL :

Smart Cards

Built with a microprocessor and memory that can process and store data, these cards are divided into two categories; enabled communication systems on the outside and those without. The memory of these cards uses EEPROM which is Electronically Erasable and Programmable ROM.

Financial Cards

YBL Co., Ltd, from traditional banking cards to fast-paced prepaid applications. YBL Co., Ltd offers magnetic stripe, contact, contactless and dual interface cards for any traditional or credit card program. Throughout the entire process, the products are verified to ensure that it meets YBL’s quality standards and complies with all card association specifications.

Key Tag Card

Key Tags provide a convenient way for customers to ‘carry’ their store brand. Transactions are quickly recorded with the scan of the bar code or swipe of a mag stripe. Businesses learn valuable information about their customers and customers have less to work about knowing their tools for spending or discounts are right on their key chain.

Card Printers

From HDP5000, HDPii, DTC4500 and DTC1000, YBL has the best quality dye-sublimation Card printer. YBL has reasonable printers with fast printing speed. There is USB and Ethernet connectivity for secure network printing. Also, some of the printers YBL have has a lifetime warranty.


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