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Hebei EagleFly International Company Limited

Hebei EagleFly International Co.,Ltd, leading the products and technology solutions for telecommunications industry. EagleFly was founded in year 2008 located at Shijiazhuang, China. With strong bonds being maintained among customers and suppliers, EagleFly delivers the highest quality products for the fast evolving business sector.

EagleFly focuses primarily on network telecom operators in Asia, Middle East and Africa. With the extensive knowledge and gained experience, EagleFly ensures to source and fulfill the right and needful product with quality.

Having employees located globally such as China, Australia and Europe, Hebei EagleFly has an efficient approach to their business.

Below are some of the products available at Hebei EagleFly International Co.,Ltd,:

Scratch Cards

To meet customer’s needs, EagleFly provides a wide range of custom card options incorporating innovative solutions. Designed specially to meet high standards of telecom customers, EagleFly has a vast range of scratch cards, banking cards and SIM cards. EagleFly manufacturers their cards by keeping a strict focus on security, quality and revenue assurance.

Features of Scratch Cards:


Card materials can be chosen from a variety of cardboard, PVC, PET and PS. EagleFly offers a range of thicknesses from 250um – 760um.To aid security, EagleFly also offers both plastic and paper card with an inlaid black core layer significantly maximizing protection against fraud.


Inkjet personalization is used to print variable information onto the voucher or scratch card. This data contains information including the card serial number (SN), hidden recharge number (HRN), personal access number (PAN), personal identification number (PIN), expiry date and barcode.

Scratch panel:

Variable data panels containing secure information like the PIN PAN and HRN are covered with a special scratch off layer. EagleFly offers different types of scratch panels including; self-adhesive scratch labels, scratch off silver latex (silk screen silver) panels with customized overprint and scratch foil which has been applied with a heated stamp tool (hot stamp) incorporating a holographic layer. The holographic foil or label can be customized for specific logos or layouts.

Each of these options can be individually designed for size, color and additional security features, including thermo chromatic inks that react to any change in a defined temperature range.

The scratch field is the key element of the voucher card that gives the best possibility to remarkably increase the product against manipulation and fraud.

Magnetic Cards

A magnetic stripe card also known as a swipe card or a magstripe is read by swiping past a magnetic reading head. What is a magnetic stripe card?  It is a type of card which stores data.

Several International Organization for Standardization standards, ISO/IEC 7810, ISO/IEC 7811, ISO/IEC 7812, ISO/IEC 7813, ISO 8583 and ISO/IEC 4909, now defines the physical properties of the card, including size, flexibility, location of the magstripe, magnetic characteristics and data formats. They also provide the standards for financial cards, including the allocation of card number ranges to different card issuing institutions.

EagleFly has the capability to produce magstripe cards and offers solutions for loyalty cards, gift cards, membership cards and so on…





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