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Colorplast Systems Pvt.Ltd

Colorplast Systems Pvt.Ltd is in the smart security business. They manufacture smart cards such as SIM, Payment and ID, they are also a service provider as they do Card Management and Fulfillment. They manage services and enable companies to network their products to customers and in turn it provides them with the utmost value.

With Colorplast generating value through an integrated system approach and through its competency on printing and connectivity via smart products.

Since 2001, Colorplast has various competencies mostly in the field of operations management and customer solutions partner to the global digital industry.

Products available on Colorplast:



In the Global market, the telecommunication sector is increasingly demanding. Colorplast has various product lines such as manufacturing of SIM/UIM cards and prepaid/scratch-off cards. Colorplast also attends to E-Top Up solutions, where prepaid customers can recharge their cards immediately at a point of sale, instead of scratch cards.

Colorplast provides telecom operators with flexibility in order quantities and delivery dates, offering highest quality telecommunication lines solutions whenever you need them.




Colorplast provides telecom operators with flexibility in order quantities and delivery dates, offering highest quality telecommunication lines solutions whenever you need them.




Packaging is an excellent form for operators to show off their creative and strategic prowess

At Colorplast, they give a great importance to this differentiation factor: Colorplast propose a large packaging offer and they are continuously innovating new designs and materials for our customers.


Card Fulfillment 


Colorplast Systems offers end-to-end, in-house service, including card design and manufacturing, fulfillment services. For regular mailings, Colorplast systems can hold the customer’s card stock and release cards along with the marketing material according to the customer’s requirement. Advanced machinery means that Colorplast Systems also offers individual card wrapping.


Gift Cards & Vouchers


Colorplast has developed many products in the gift card market such as ISO prepaid cards (used by retail companies) along with specialized shape cards used for branding purposes along with vouchers which are typically seasonal prepaid marketing tools.


Membership Cards


The membership cards business is growing and as brands (such as hospitality) increase their properties, so do their customers and cards.


Key Cards


Colorplast is one of the key manufacturers of Key Cards worldwide. With our own distinct technology on magstripe cards along with RFID, Colorplast can service any property chain or property in need for key cards. Colorplast offer extremely standardized services in this business ranging from key design all the way to fulfillment and door delivery.



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