Cardel Offers Lamination Pads and Films Adhesives Specifically For Embedding Chips In Smartcards

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Established twenty years ago, Cardel is a privately-owned business. Equipped with professional skilled engineers, designers and production technicians based in the UK-between Cambridge and London. Every year, Cardel conducts business in over 55 countries around the world serving over 250 customers. Cardel has technical supports on the ground and a representation in North America, Brazil, China, Germany, Italy, Maxico and Spain.


Products by Cardel:

Lamination Plates:

Ultragloss 1

Traditional high gloss mirror finish plate. Available in range of thicknesses and with matt borders.


Ultragloss 2

Medium gloss mirror finish plate. Improved lifecycle of plates – slightly less sensitive to light scratches on the surface.


Ultrasilk DS

Precision finish light matt / satin plate. Suitable for magnetic stripe cards and all range of printed surfaces. Widely used in bank card production.



Medium matt and high matt lamination plates – range of finishes available. Widely used for production of prelaminated inlays.


Lamination Pads:

Cardlam 200

Synthetic fibre outer and high-density heat resistant rubber inner. Suitable for all types of medium / high volume twin stack laminators.


Cardlam 220

High efficiency, low profile conductive polymer around a structural fabric inner. Suitable for single or twin stack laminators.


Cardlam 230 Copsil

Metallic woven, high temperature pad. Rapid heat transfer – generally recommended for single stack laminators.


Film Adhesives:

Cardel Hi Bond

Cardel has developed a unique range of film adhesives specifically designed for embedding chips in smartcards. These adhesives are globally used in the production of over 4 billion smart cards each year – including banking / EMV, ID cards and telco / SIM.

The adhesives offer a high degree of flexibility, security and precision, and are suitable for PVC, ABS composite and Polycarbonate cards and have been developed for use with full range of module types (FR4, FCOS). The adhesives are compatible with all major production machines.

Cardel’s Hi Bond is rigorously tested against ISO and CQM standards. It offers a long shelf-life (2 years+) with no need for special storage conditions (e.g. refrigeration).


Tailored Film Adhesives

Cardel has developed adhesives for a range of specialist applications, including high volume production of laminated insoles for the podiatry market.


Cardel Mailing Labels

Cardel manufactures and supplies a range of mailing labels for secure attachment of ISO plastic cards to letters and forms. Our range of labels covers most major automated mailing machines.  Offering secure attachment to both the card and the letter/form, with no damage to card and easy-peel from card surface.


Prelaid Magnetics :

Magnetic Stripe on Overlay

Cardel offers high precision application of magnetics to overlay. We use only premium quality PVC overlay suitable for quality bank, credit and all ISO cards with magnetic stripes.

Offering PVC substrate in 40, 50, 60, 80 and 100 micron gauges – uncoated or coated overlay (providing excellent lamination adhesion for bleed edge cards). Flush bonded magnetic stripes in 300Oe, 2750Oe and 4000Oe (ISO & high readback).




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