Shenzhen KAISERE Technology Co., Ltd Centers Its Focus On Smart Card Industry

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Shenzhen KAISERE Technology Co., Ltd

Shenzhen KAISERE Technology Co., Ltd centers its focus to Smart Card Industry. A full range of cards are manufactured in regards to Contact Smart Card, Contactless Smart Card, Rewrite Card, PBC, or PET Card, key fob, inlay, tag and other special encapsulated RFID products.

KAISERE owns a well-appointed factory. It enables us to offer not only high quality, printable blank white card, but also pre-printed card with customized art design, magnetic stripe, barcode, numbering, signature panel, gold/silver background and many other state-of-the-art features on cards.

Being the leading supplier of Thermal Rewrite card, KAISERE takes pride on their most important partner of MPM – Mitsubishi Paper Mills, the company who invented and owns the patent of Thermal Rewrite material.

With KAISERE’s professional card production lines and strong relation with MPM, KAISERE is the ultimate supplier of rewrite cards all over China.

KAISERE has been making Contactless and Contact Smart cards since the day of establishment. They’ve been the best-selling products until now, 5 million cards every month, sold to over 12 countries from the world, such as Canada, USA, Brazil, Australia, Israel, U.A.E, South Korea, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Finland, Netherland and so on.


Have you thought of using a standard card printer to print, erase and re-write to the same card WITHOUT using a ribbon?

Kaisere‘s re-writable cards have a heat-sensitive layer which allows text and images to be printed and erased a minimum of 500 times using a standard Re-Write card printer. No ribbon cost. Just use the printer in the same way but without a ribbon. The heat basically triggers a dye within the card that will appear as a solid color. When you have finished with the card, run the card back through the printer and it will wipe the surface ready for re-printing.

Choices of either a Blue or Black Re-Writable surface. You can only print a single color. Under the clear Re-writable layer, we can make pre-printing in full colors.

Over the years, KAISERE has been working solidly to offer premium service to meet different requirement of customers. To serve you better, they are willing to use their professionalism and dedicate every endeavor. KAISERE is here, looking forward to working with you towards a better future.


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