ShenZhen ZhiDa Smart Technology Co., Produces Variety of Card of The R & D and Production of Professional Business Card Printing Company

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ShenZhen ZhiDa Smart Technology Co., Ltd was founded in year 2003, ZhiDa Smart Technology engages in a variety of card of the R & D and production of professional business card printing company. The main products are: SIM card, magnetic stripe cards, scratch cards, membership cards etc.

ShenZhen ZhiDa’s factory is in the Shenzhen airport near Fuyong Jinfeng Industrial Zone of peace, adjacent to the western Shenzhen beach, fresh air, the environment pleasant. Can be respectively by wide deep high speed, 107 or Baoan Avenue at high speed along the river, opened in 2012, also from the factory by. Factory from Luohu off 45 minutes from the Nanshan, 30 minutes, 10 minutes from Baoan airport by car, the traffic is convenient.

Inspection personnel must undergo a rigorous card inspection training, and quality inspection personnel responsible for inspection and spot checks, to ensure quality products to customers.
Inspection and quality control in each process: we are inspectors are responsible for quality inspection and quantity control, to ensure the quality of each process.
Factory implementation of the full closed management, raw materials, semi-finished products, finished products and waste has strict management rules, to control the amount of. The phone card product production is shipped, reduce intermediate retention time; each single production is completed, in addition to retain the quantitative sample card, white card by hand in all the extra security personnel under the supervision of mechanical broken card destroyed.


Products available on ShenZhen ZhiDa:

  • Smart
  • IC
  • Membership
  • Electrical



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