Silone Group is the largest supplier of NBS card personalization equipment in China

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Silone Cardtech Co. Ltd (Silone) was founded in 1993 in San Jose California to focus on the card industry. Now with sales & service locations in San Jose, Hong Kong, Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, and three factories in Tangxia, the Silone Group of companies (all wholly owned by Silone Cardtech Co. Ltd.) employs over 500 people.

Today, the Silone Group is the largest supplier of NBS card personalization equipment in China. Their customers include many leading banks and governments as well as other card manufacturers who use their expertise to deliver cards and card related products that exceed their capacity and expectations.


Smart card features

Silone Cardtech has equipped its three modern factories with equipment and capacity needed to ensure that your smart card and RF needs are fully met.


  • Full Service Personalization Bureau
  • Smart Card Milling and Embedding
  • Dual Interface Smart Card Embedding
  • Copper Wire Inlay Production Line
  • Etched Antenna Inlay Production Line
  • Flip-Chip Die Attachment Line
  • CQM Card Testing Lab


With a combined factory space of 30,000 square meters Silone is your one stop shop for the production and personalization of cards, inlays, and other unique RF form factors.


  • Lithographic Printing
  • Silkscreen Printing
  • Foil, Signature Panel
  • Hologram Hot Stamping
  • GSM / SIM Plug Punching Line
  • ABS Injection Molding Line




Silone Cardtech offers the industries’ most popular contact and contactless smart card modules from the leading silicon foundries.

They support a wide range of operating systems for EMV, GSM, SCOSTA, and Government ID including MULTOSTM, JCOPTM, MIFARETM, LEGICTM and more


Banking Cards

Silone Cardtech offers a full line of banking related card products. Their experienced team is ready to guide you through type approval, printing, key management, data handling, personalization, and secure shipping worldwide.

As the world’s largest distributor of NBS card personalization equipment and expertise, Silone has extensive technical resources and personalization capabilities. Personalization services range from match encoding magnetic stripe and smart cards to embossing, laser engraving and thermal printing – within a VISA/ MasterCard and UnionPay certified facility.



Silone Cardtech is a leading supplier of pre-laminated inlays for contactless and dual interface card production. They have delivered over 500 million RF inlays for contactless and dual interface cards and tags to card manufacturers around the world.

With custom-built Cardmatix production lines and test equipment, you know you’re receiving the highest quality inlays from a trusted supplier.

Contactless cards and inlays use TC bonding technology for module attachment; air coil inlays are the industry standard for durability and optimized RF read/write performance.

Their process is compatible with standard and COB (chip on FR4 board) module packaging using thermo-compression bonding.

Dual frequency inlays available: (13.56 MHz and 125 kHz.)


Dual Interface

Dual Interface cards provide two interfaces (the chip surface as well as the antenna).  So, on a dual interface card the same chip is accessed via the contact or the contactless interface.

For Dual Interface cards, Silone Cardtech is using an optimized and long lasting solution, on which the connections of the antenna to the chip module are directly soldered together.


Contactless Cards

Thin contactless RF cards are an economical solution for ticketing applications. Durable enough to be reused, thin cards are made with special thin inlays to reduce costs and thickness.

Thinner cards also have the benefit of reducing restocking frequency in transport distribution


ABS Key Fobs

They also offer custom molded tags and fobs come in a wide variety of standard as well as made-to-order shapes.

ABS tags are very durable RF transponders and a popular choice for access control in corporate and campus environments.


Epoxy Cards and Fobs

Epoxy coated PVC key fobs are a fun and convenient alternative to RF cards.  Custom shapes and attractive printing make them perfect for retail, transportation, education, and entertainment applications.  A great way to freshen up a brand on based on popular trends.

Personalization: Typically match laser engraving to IC chip encoding (other options available upon request.)

Price: Very competitive for short and long run tooling and printing setups.

Durability: Your printed images, logos stay protected under our long lasting high-gloss   stable epoxy surface.



RFID Wristbands are portable transponders which are worn like a wrist watch. Ideal for those looking to add ‘wallet-free’ convenience to their RF system.

Popular with companies, schools, recreational facilities, spas, entertainment venues, and many other businesses for identification, access control, and payment.

Custom shapes are a colorful, good looking and convenient way to carry an RF transponder. Available in custom or standard shapes and sizes to fit anyone.

Silicone wristbands are durable, comfortable, and easily molded into custom designs that include branding graphics. Silone also offers nylon, Teslin, and soft PVC wristbands.


RF Tokens

Injection molded RF tokens are a durable, water proof, and long-lasting. Originally designed for transit authorities, this RF form factor is also ideal for entertainment venues such as amusement parks.

Materials: Injection molded ABS.

Colors: Single Pantone color.

Form Factors: One standard.

Customer defined.

PVC RF Disc Tags are embedded into a wide range of form factors, including fobs, wristbands, clothing tags, tokens and more.

RF form factors are available with or without mounting adhesive. They are compatible with a wide variety of contactless technologies.

RF Technology: Compatible with most transponders operating within the 13.56 MHz and 125 kHz spectrum.


Material: PVC

Size: As shown.

Personalization: None

Antenna: Copper wire


Branding: Custom branding molded into the token.

Personalization: Match laser engraving with IC chip encoding.


Operating Systems


JCOS is based on the Java Card platform and is intended for use in a wide range of smart card solutions.

The Java Card platform is an ideal solution for customers looking for a trusted and versatile card operating system.

Java programming tools provide a fast and reliable way to develop new smart card solutions.

Application development can be done using the GP 2.1.1 Development Kit which is free to download from

To ensure the security of JCOS, it has been implemented on Infineon’s SOLIDFLASH™ technology.

JCOS supports four leading encryption algorithms giving developers the tools to meet their security requirements.

JCOS is available for both contactless and dual interface smart cards. This assures maximum flexibility for reader compatibility, especially on public transport and ID card projects which often require a contactless interface.


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