Company Overview

The plastic card industry has always been a supplier’s market. SMARTCardMarket is looking to disrupt that and put the power back in the buyer’s hands.

For a purchasing manager, obtaining quotes can often mean potentially wasted hours work for no guaranteed return. SMARTCardMarket’s aim is to eliminate this waste by allowing them to submit one project to a central location and receive multiple quotes from interested suppliers specializing in their target product. The site covers the entire smart card ecosystem: from sourcing raw materials such as PVC, magnetic stripe, inlays, chips, and ink, all the way to fulfilment.

Each supplier is carefully selected and manually approved by our industry veterans, so that the buyer knows ahead of time that they are receiving quality bids. Buyers are also free to conduct a one-on-one chat with potential suppliers through SMARTCardMarket’s online platform. They can then confirm any outstanding details before proceeding to a reverse auction that ensures them the best deal at the best price. This means that SMARTCardMarket is a true buyer’s market – and an industry first.

SMARTCardMarket isn’t the first buyer-initiative that its CEO, Adam Ducquet, has launched. Mr. Ducquet has had more than a decade of experience growing one of the industry’s leading card manufacturer, CARDPro, until it was acquired in 2015 by American Bank Note. This drive and ingenuity has now been turned towards SMARTCardMarket.

By no stretch does this approach mean that suppliers are given a raw deal. By going through SMARTCardMarket’s approval process for membership, they are given access to qualified leads within their target market, to help grow their business.

“SMARTCardMarket creates a win-win situation for buyers and suppliers alike,” said Mr. Ducquet of the service. “Membership is absolutely free for buyers and for sure they will save money”SMARTCardMarket is open for supplier & buyer registration begins 20th April 2016.

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