Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Can I obtain pricing from vendors on

Yes, you can receive multiple prices from a number of different vendors on you can then pit them against each other in a reverse auction for the best possible result for you!

What Can I purchase on

Anything in the smart card industry! Not just all card types (gift cards, drivers licences, credit cards, SIM cards), PVC, chips, payment terminals, gift card programs, even card printers and lanyards!

Can I have product manufactured through

Yes! From quotation through to a completed product. You can even have it delivered to your door!

Can I manage my order from quote to delivery?

Yes, through our online order management tool, you can communicate directly with the provider and freight forwarder. Receiving real time updates, and information direct to your device. Manage the process as much or as little as you like, you are always in control.

How can I get the best deal?

Simply post your project and receive quotes from qualified suppliers. You can choose the best deal then and there or live chat with the provider for better terms. Or pit the providers against each other with our reverse auction functionality and watch what happens!

Is it free to use?

If you are a buyer, yes!

Can I pay in local currency?

We accept USD amounts only.

Do I have protection as a buyer from unethical providers?

Yes, this is twofold.
1: Our providers are required to pass comprehensive on-boarding criteria and most are best of breed for their region.
2: provide escrow services and the mechanism’s for progress payments should you require them. This ensures you are getting what you have paid for.

Can any supplier/manufacturer sell products on

No. We only work with the best. Ensuring excellent quality products, services and communication. Any provider who cannot maintain our specified service levels cannot maintain a position on

How can I get the best price when buying products?

Use our reverse auction functionality and see the results for yourself.

I don’t know local freight companies, how can I get my goods delivered to my door/desired delivery address? How do I know I am not being taken advantage of?

Our Freight forwarders, like our providers, are some of the best in the business and cater to all requirements from courier to air and sea.

If the supplier/manufacturer requires a deposit up front, how can we be sure that our payment is protected. escrow service will securely hold your funds until the provider has provider has met your predetermined criteria, ensuring a risk free transaction.

What is Lead Time?

The time the order is approved on to the order being ready for dispatch from the sellers facility.

What is Auction Time?

The Auction time is the time from posting of the project by the buyer, to when the project closes. Once a Project is posted, counts down in a time frame request by the buyer. Sellers have this time to submit their bid and revise their bid according to their position in the auction. Once the countdown has finished, the auction is closed and no further bids are received. The buyer will then choose the successful bidder.

Does the Price Quoted by the seller include delivery?

No. All pricing quoted by sellers is Ex Works (Incoterms). Which means the buyer has the option to organise their own collection or have SMARTCardMarket.comorganise on their behalf. Ex Works terms, also allows a genuine apples for apples comparison for buyers for their respective sellers.

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